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We have a trusted team skilled in construction and roofing services that will
ensure you get a new roof that’s made from the highest quality CertainTeed materials.

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Going Solar?

Elf & Sons installs beautiful, simplified, dependable Solstice® Shingle systems. These pack sleek yet powerful solar energy into a low-profile roofing system and offer superior performance even under diffused light.

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David & his Team are great! I’ve worked with them on numerous projects and I’m always blown away at their eye for detail, and professionalism. I’ve given Elf & Sons to multiple people as my go-to Contractor. I would recommend them 100% time & time again.

Matt M.

I have been working with David and his crew for the past 4 years. He is very professional, responsive and most importantly, David and his crew do very good work. He has done big jobs and smalls jobs for us. David, AND his team make sure the job has been done right. I can’t say this enough he pays attention to the small details. He listens to you and then he offers solutions to accomplish the result you are trying to achieve. This is where is experience benefits you and your project. I highly recommend Elf and Sons.

Sean L.

Great experience and have recommended them many times. My friends who used them were thrilled as well.

Eric W.