Innovative solar roofing that combines aesthetics, high energy efficiency, and durability.
 Experience the benefits of solar energy without compromising style or performance.
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Benefits of Solstice® shingles


Sleek and uniform appearance that integrates seamlessly with asphalt shingles.


Easy design for fast installation and permitting using industry-leading software. Installed directly on roof sheathing using standard deck screws.


Industry-leading reliability. These are one of the most electrically & mechanically robust solar shingles on the market. Watertight, and rated to be installed in any wind zone.

About Solstice® shingles

The Solstice® Shingle system packs sleek yet powerful solar energy production into a low-profile roofing system.  Featuring solar shingles that are capable of being installed with either a new or existing asphalt shingle roof, a Solstice Shingle system offers clean energy without the bulky look of racks and panels.

Solstice shingles undergo rigorous testing to ensure that it functions not just as your roof, but also your source of efficient, clean energy. We test to the same rigorous wind, wind-driven rain and fire standards that CertainTeed’s shingles are subjected to.  Extended internal reliability testing ensures that your system will generate power reliability for 25+ years. The entire system has a warranty for 40 years.

Benefits of Hiring a solar contrator

Professional expertise and expereince

Solar panels will be installed correclty and safely

Necessary permits and inspections will be obtained

We ensure your systems maximum efficiency and reliability

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